Blades of Glory 04.02.2007

Blades of Glory Michelle and I went to see Blades of Glory on Saturday. The movie didn’t disappoint.

Is the humor stupid? Yes. Are the jokes crass? Yes. Does this make the movie hilarious? Oh, hell yes.

Will Ferrell and Jon Heder make a beautiful pair on the ice. Ferrell plays his standard asshole character, and Jon Heder plays the soul of an aspiring female figure skater trapped in the body of a slightly less female man. Heder’s golden locks could put Rapunzel to shame.

Pam — i mean Jenna Fischer — makes a heartwarming guest appearance, and the rest of her on screen family is in equal parts insane and incestuous.

I’m sure there’re going to be critics and reviewers out there that will pan the movie for its jokes and type of humor. Or because Will Ferrell plays the same character remarkably consistently despite the movie. Or because Jon Heder’s buckteeth remind them of Bugs Bunny and the carefree childhood they never had.

Because, yes. If you hate this movie, you hate kittens. And children. And dreams and wishes. And Bugs Bunny. And by Bugs Bunny I mean Jon Heder. And if you hate Jon Heder you hate America. And if you hate America, you hate Will Ferrell.

And if you hate Will Ferrell, the terrorists have already won.