Dresden Files: What About Bob? 04.03.2007

Initially, I wasn’t all that interested in Sci Fi’s Dresden Files, but it’s certainly grown on me. The pacing is still off at times. The characters still a little flat. The plot can get hokey. But it’s just a really, really fun show to watch.

Dresden Files Dresden Files

The latest episode (10th of the 1st season, What About Bob?) deals with the allusions made in prior episodes about the possible undeath of Morningway. I’m simultaneously pleased and displeased with the direction they took the resolution.

I’m happy that they didn’t do the entirely too clichéd thing of having Morningway been alive all along, pulling the strings from the dark. But I’m a little annoyed that they still brought him back from the dead — even if it was for a few scant minutes before he (re)died.

Dresden Files Dresden Files

Bob’s curse made it seem like resurrection of a dead person was a serious offense, and the relative ease of Morningway’s return from the dead didn’t seem internally consistent.

The existence of the doppleganger whose sole purpose was to bring Morningway back looked to much of a writer’s trick. For all intents and purposes, the doppleganger was Morningway in the alive-all-along-but-manipulating-from-the-dark department.

They didn’t so much as avoid the cliché as sidestep it slightly and get bits of stray thread on the shirt sleeve caught by the close shave.