Dungeon Recursion 04.06.2007

Here’s a litmus test for geekery. Role playing and recursion.

Colin said that it’s like a crude form of save points.

It is. It’s the ultimate dream-within-a-dream sequence.

“Rocks fall, you die!”

“No I don’t! I was daydreaming that I would go into the trapped Dragon’s Cave whilst actually I was sitting down underneath that safe oak tree over there.”

“Lightning strikes the oak tree. You die.”

“No I don’t! I’m actually just sitting in a bar contemplating about an adventure to the Dragon’s Cave and thinking about the traps in the cave, and how I’d much rather just sit under a safe oak tree.”

On another note, where exactly does the phrase “Rocks fall, you die.” come from? A brief Google search returned nothing.

It’s not from that one trailer with the Magic Missile and the Darkness.

Knights of the Dinner Table?