Does Palm know where it's going? 04.10.2007

There are a lot of things about the current Palm that remind me of Apple in the pre-OS X days.

Recent news that Palm is planning to launch a new Linux based OS by the end of this year cements even more the bizarrely disjointed strategies that Palm has employed.

The Palm OS — Garnet — has been shuffled back and forth like some sort of radioactive hot potato. Now, they want to take a homegrown, presumably untested OS that has been “secretly in development for years”1 and forcibly insert Garnet up its behind.

So now you have an untested baby of an OS with a radioactive hot potato jammed up its ass. Wonderful.

  1. Everyone knows that “secretly in development for years” is industry code speak for we-just-thought-of-this-yesterday-over-coffee.