Grindhouse 04.11.2007

Carnahan wrote on his website:

Now. The box-office: How in the hell does a Rodriguez-Tarantino movie do that poorly? I’m going to see it tonight. Those guys, Tarantino especially, deserve a helluva lot more love than f*cking 11.6 million. What is wrong with American moviegoers? Is there nothing NEW that they’re willing to embrace? Jesus, it’s the worst kind of erosion. We’re making dumber and dumber films and they’re becoming cash cows.

There two painfully obvious reasons.

  1. The movie was incredibly, ridiculously long. What’s more, the movie was gory, violent, and pretty much non-stop. Awesome in a normal length movie. Tiring and draining in a movie of Grindhouse‘s length.

  2. It was Easter weekend. Allow me to repeat: it was Easter weekend. Who the hell actually thought “I have these two incredibly violent and gory movies harking back to an era of movies that were more raw, more uncensored, and more unabashed in its embrace of adrenaline, so let’s release it on Easter”? I mean, really. This is like releasing The Exorcist on Christmas.

It’s become an unfortunate trend that everytime a movie under performs at the box office contrary to critical prediction, those same critics joyfully decry the dumbing of the public.

There are many more obvious reasons why Grindhouse didn’t do as well as expected. The content may have been good, but it was marred by quite possibly the most inappropriate movie launch date in history.