Liviu 04.17.2007

From The Lounge:

I just redid my sub so I could post this.

Liviu and his wife were two of my Mother’s closest friends. They were a great comfort to her during her last days. My mother passed away Jan 21st of this year.

He was the best person you could ever know. Besides being one of the smartest persons I have ever known he was a super down to earth person. He was a great joy to be around. Over the many many years I knew him I never heard him say anything mean or hateful. He always had a smile and nice words every time I ran into him on campus. Its people like him that has made working at Tech for 30 years so wonderful.

I can’t begin to say how sad it is to know that he was murdered in cold blood. By a person he would have helped in anyway if he had been asked.

I just wish that I could show the same courage as Liviu when the time comes. He is the kind of person we should all aspire to be like. God bless him.

Steve Beatty Senior Technician Classroom AV, Va Tech