Sci-fi films 04.18.2007

I agree with pretty much everything said in Swords vs. Lightsabers except for one thing:

By the way, here I include both the X-Men and Spider-Man series as fantasy rather than science fiction, which is debatable. Each offers some sort of physical explanation for the super-powers of their characters: various genetic mutations of uncertain cause, a spider bite during a school lab fieldtrip. These are not scientific explanations, though, at least not of the semi-plausible sort that sci-fi films usually delight in providing.

By this criteria, the Star Wars films should be considered more fantasy than science fiction. While the three prequels attempt to give the ‘Force’ a scientific bent, the original trilogy portrayed the Force as a decidedly mystical ability and aspect of the universe.

It’s not so much Swords vs. Lightsabers as it is Crossbows vs. Phasers.