March NPD numbers 04.19.2007

March NPD numbers were released today.

Nintendo DS 508K
PlayStation 2 280K
Wii 259K
Xbox 360 199K
PlayStation Portable 180K
Game Boy Advance 148K
PlayStation 3 130K
GameCube 22K
Xbox n/a

Some thoughts:

  1. Wow, the DS is dominating. Dominating.

  2. The Game Boy Advance sold more units than the Playstation 3.

  3. The Playstation 2 continues to be a strong seller. But like I said before, for the next couple years, every PS2 sale is one lost PS3 sale. If Sony wants the PS3 to become a viable platform, it needs people to start purchasing PS3s, not PS2s.

  4. The Xbox 360 numbers aren’t far behind March’s Wii numbers. Perhaps Nintendo’s Wii supply problems are affecting numbers. Or perhaps the Wii craze is dying down, with its sales stabilizing.