But in my world. 04.23.2007

John Gruber has a post up about the various predicted reactions from the “Apple faithful” to the latest OS X hole.

In my world, though, Gruber has consistently displayed a very real sense of hubris regarding Mac security — even up to the very eve of this new security hole.

In a Friday, April 20th post on the new $10,000 bounty, Gruber said in response:

That sounds suspiciously like “No one can do it” to me.

I’ve noted a very disturbing nonchalance and sense of pride after the Maynor wireless hack fiasco. But people need to realize that just because that one case didn’t pan out doesn’t mean there aren’t more waiting to be found.

And now, rather than apologizing for his misplaced sense of false security, Gruber goes on to lash out once more at Maynor. It’s like kicking a dead horse. We know Maynor is probably holding a grudge against Apple and its users.

But that doesn’t mean Gruber is completely blameless. He is, as much as anyone else, responsible for the terrible hubris when “Macheads” talk about Mac security.