Chocolate 04.24.2007

From the Modesto Bee:

The federal Food and Drug Administration is proposing to redefine the very essence of chocolate and to allow big manufacturers such as Hershey to sell a bar devoid of a key ingredient — cocoa butter. The butter’s natural texture could be replaced with inferior alternatives, such as vegetable fats. And consumers would never know.

A part of me thinks “Who cares, if the consumers will never know the difference?”

A second, larger, more decadent part of me is sadden by the gradual artifice that fills so much of our foods. We have fake cheese, fake butter, fake fruity flavor and now fake chocolate.

The worst part is that this will probably save the chocolate companies millions and they’ll still be charging the same price.

Or, for the first two months, a higher price for the new, improved chocolate-free healthier! chocolate.