Stay tuned. 04.25.2007

You know what’s really annoying? The phrases “stay tuned” and “watch this space”.

It seems like everyone is using it.

In one of the chats with the developers of the game MotorStorm, one of the answers to a question was “Watch this space for new developments.”

In an email with the developers of the new Mac app Coda, the answer to a question about PHP code in the editor was “It’s coming soon. Stay tuned.”

In Django, for newforms documentation, it’s been a perpetual “watch this space” for updates.

I don’t want to stay tuned.

I don’t want to watch this space.

Why is it that both of these require active action on my part? What happened to “we’ll let you know”? Why is there the implicit assumption that I care so much about these products and topics that I will actively scan for new updates and developments?

“Stay tuned” and “watch this space” are joining “download info from you”, “how’s your bandwidth” and “let’s talk about this offline later” as phrases that really, really annoy me.