Watchmen 04.29.2007

There’s a piece in the New York Post about how Heroes supposedly stole the thunder from Watchmen by revealing a “pivotal plot twist”:

Not only are the masks too late to stop Ozymandias, Veidt’s plan actually works. And all the masks are faced with the ethical dilemma of telling the world what they know - and risk destroying the peace. Dr. Manhattan even kills Rorschach rather than have him reveal the secret.

“Heroes” centers around a similar catastrophe - a nuclear explosion that, coincidentally, wipes out half the population of New York at some undetermined future. In last night’s episode, the mob boss Linderman (Malcolm McDowell) reveals that he knows the bomb is going to go off and wants it to - because the destruction of New York will unite the world in peace behind a new president he is grooming.

This is silly.

This idea of breaking a few eggs for the better whole has been part of comics — part of literature — far, far, far before Watchmen. Necessary destruction, or a destruction that heals, should be a familiar thematic element to anyone who reads a goodly amount of literature.