2007 in Review 12.05.2007

Jon did his version, and here’s mine. In brief, the takeaway is that I like to do Django and nodnod.net development in the beginning of the month. Or actually, late in the month, finishing in the beginning of the next month.

Jan: So I’ve switched the backend over from Apache+Lighttpd to an nginx instance that passes Django off to a FCGI python process and PHP over to php-cgi procseses.

Feb: The initial idea was to have one “featured” post, and an abbreviated list of more recent posts.

Mar: I’ve added RSS feeds now, and put back comments. Comments are still incredibly ugly and unstyled, but the functionality is there.

Apr: There’s no question that there’s a huge movie market in Asia, or that films from Hong Kong, China, Korea and Japan number among the world’s best.

May: Adrian recently released a new app to django.contrib called databrowse. It basically creates a site from your models, similar to the admin interface. But the goal with databrowse is to efficiently browse and view data, rather than manage and edit data.

Jun: As someone who lives in Silver Spring, this is sad but true.

Jul: I went to the Kwik-E-Mart themed 7-11s that Fox has been doing for The Simpsons Movie. It was pretty nifty. Click on the images or click here to see the Flickr set

Aug: I’ve added the ability to post short, title-less blurbs.

Sep: Went to New York on Saturday.

Oct: Microsoft’s new Zunes have been upgraded to be smaller, better, sexier than before.

Nov: Several weeks back, I realized that whilst my initial implementation of the writing center was wonderful in its automation, it was also incredibly inflexible.

Dec: I never though that this day would come to pass so soon1, but it did: I’ve just removed NetNewsWire from my dock, and added a bookmark to Bloglines to both Firefox on the laptop and MobileSafari on my iPhone.