Cleaning a Mighty Mouse 12.06.2007

I have a Mighty Mouse at work. And it doesn’t scroll down. Reading online, it seems it’s a common problem due to various bits of gunk that builds up around the tiny scroll nub.

Apple’s online documentation isn’t very much help. In fact, this is what they say I should do1:

If the scrolling feels rough or if the scroll ball isn’t scrolling up, down, or side-to-side, hold the mouse upside-down and roll the ball vigorously while cleaning it to help dislodge any particles that may have collected on the internal hardware.

They even have a video of it.

As it turns out though, the procedure worked. Now my mouse is able to scroll down as well as up, right, left, and any combination thereof.

  1. They also say: “Although your Mighty Mouse never needs to be fed or watered, you may occasionally find that you need to clean it.” Which, while being supremely unhelpful, is also kind of funny.