Post flow 02.01.2007

The initial idea was to have one “featured” post, and an abbreviated list of more recent posts.

But I’ve begun to rethink that approach. In my own reading of blogs, I like keeping the flow — seamlessly transitioning from one post to another. This is especially important when I’m catching up on blog posts; I don’t have to continuously click the “next post” link.

So perhaps it’s better to not have a featured blog post. Or, rather, if a post is featured, the list of more recent entries should be a fully functional list, with enough content that one doesn’t have to jump deeper into the site to read and understand the post.

I’m not entirely sure how that would work yet. A part of me likes the idea of having a single most recent post stand out above the rest. But the practical side of me recognizes that many others — like me — appreciate reading a blog smoothly, in a long stream of posts.

Food for thought I suppose.

And more importantly, it means I really need to sit down and plan out not only the design of the site, but the information architecture of the site as well.

At work, we typically do an IA brief and a functional requirements brief before moving on to the design and development phases.

I really think I should do the same.