Django FCGI Stress Test, part 3 01.04.2007

This time, I’m comparing against a test on a PHP/Textpattern based site running on MediaTemple’s new GridServer plan:

  siege -d1 -r10 -c100 <>

  ** siege 2.65
  ** Preparing 100 concurrent users for battle.
  The server is now under siege..      done.
  Transactions:                    1000 hits
  Availability:                 100.00 %
  Elapsed time:                  57.24 secs
  Data transferred:               4.98 MB
  Response time:                  3.98 secs
  Transaction rate:              17.47 trans/sec   
  Throughput:                     0.09 MB/sec
  Concurrency:                   69.58
  Successful transactions:         698
  Failed transactions:               0
  Longest transaction:           25.84
  Shortest transaction:           0.32

The important statistic is the ratio of successful transactions to total transactions. In this case, I little over 300 transactions didn’t go through successfully.