Alas, Palm 01.25.2007

Sometimes, I feel for Palm.

I got my first Palm in high school — a Palm Vx. It was a beautiful piece of electronic heaven. It was slim, it was small. I could use it for several days without even touching the charger.

I was a big fan fiction reader back then, and pretty much all of it was read on that Palm Vx.

(Evangelion and Ranma fanfics for the win!)

One fateful day in freshmen year of college, however, I left the Palm in my pocket and sat down the wrong way. The screen fractured into many pieces, and there was nothing lit when the unit powered on save the glistening tears on my cheeks and the fiery hole in my soul.

It wasn’t until two years later that I got my next Palm — a Treo 600.

It was thicker by far than the Palm Vx, but it could do oh so much more. It had a camera. It had SD expansion. It could make calls.

But it was also clumsy, and awkward. The screen would get moist and oily from hot breath created by talking, and the constant rubbing of the cheek. The reception was only adequate, and call clarity sometimes left much to be desired.

It was, really, a step down from the Palm Vx in elegance.

Or, rather, it never moved at all since then. Though the world moved on, and expectations for a PDA increased, Palm stood still.

To this day.

With today’s announcement that ACCESS was changing Palm OS’s name to Garnet OS, the end is still nowhere in sight.

Though I have many fond memories of that Palm Vx, I must admit that Palm is still stuck in the late Nineties.

They could do so, so much better.

And I want them to succeed. If only because I want another Palm Vx.