DSLR or good compact or bust 01.29.2007

I’ve been looking around the web recently for a good digital camera. I’m a little split, though, between getting a true SLR versus a compact digital.

The compact digital makes it really hard to get good control over depth of field due to the small censor size, but on the other hand, the small physical size of a compact means I would probably carry it to more places more often.

On the SLR front, I’ve been looking very close at the new Nikon and Canon offerings. For a while, I considered a Pentax, but the slightly lower price wasn’t worth some of the cons for me.

THe option to buy both a compact and a SLR did cross my mind, but that’s not an insignificant amount of money.

One thing I do know is that any potential camera worth considering for me should have Image Stabilization — I’m far too lazy to be carrying around a tripod (however foldable and small it may be). On those long zoom shots, IS is almost a requirement.

(On a separate note, I did look at some of the new ultrazooms. Especially the newly released Olympus zoom. But they just didn’t appeal very much.)