NetNewsWire 3.0 06.12.2007

I just upgraded today to NetNewsWire 3.0. I had held off for a while because the 2.x version of NetNewsWire that I was using previously served admirably, and I didn’t want to break something that worked fine.

That said, I’m glad I upgraded.

Performance enhancements are noticeably significant. I have reddit and demoinoid set to show items for the last 4 days. This typically equates to over 3000 items each. With the 2.x series, browsing through the items in the list would slow the app to a crawl.

Not so with NetNewsWire 3.0. It’s blazingly fast. In the words of Steve, going through items, even in muti-thousand lists, is boom! boom! boom!

Something I don’t like, though, is the new color scheme.

What’s the point of allowing you to change the sidebar background color if you can’t change the unread items label color?

The highlighting of items from th e same feed is also annoying. I hope there’s a way to turn it off, but I haven’t found it yet.