Not in a browser 06.13.2007

Michael Tsai points out the seemingly contradictory, and frankly insulting manner, that Apple has presented their solution for “iPhone development”.

Steve Jobs at D5 on the Google Maps app on the iPhone:

And, you know, that client is the result of a lot of technology on the client, that client application. So when we show it to them, they’re just blown away by how good it is. And you can’t do that stuff in a browser.

Steve Jobs at WWDC 2007 on third-party apps on the iPhone:

I do have one last thing.…What about developers? [applause]…We’ve come up with a very sweet solution.…We’ve got an innovative new way to create applications for mobile devices. Really innovative.…The full Safari engine is inside of iPhone. It gives us tremendous capability.…You can write amazing Web 2.0 and AJAX apps that look exactly and behave exactly like apps on the iPhone. And these apps can integrate perfectly with iPhone services.

Is it really Apple’s belief that developers can’t see through this lame sleight-of-hand? The true message is apparently that not only does Apple have access to “sekrit APIs”, other developers don’t have access to any APIs at all. They have access to a browser. That’s it. No more, and no less.

It’s not developing for the iPhone. It’s developing for the Web in Safari.