It's the hospital, not 911 06.14.2007

With more details coming out about the whole Rodriguez dying on the hospital floor thing, it seems like most of the media is attempting to pile the blame on the 911 dispatcher who didn’t send another ambulance.

That is stupid and wrong.

She was already at a hopistal. The call must have been absolutely bewildering to the dispatcher in question. According to former dispatchers, if he sent another ambulance, it would have taken her to the same place.

The focus of the blame should be on the hospital. The hospital was crappy. The nurses in question were crappy. The care was crappy.

The 911 dispatcher handled a strange case as best he could. Could it have been done better in hindsight? Sure. But that doesn’t mean he was to blame for what happened.

If the hospital did what it should have done, there would’ve been no need to call 911, again, from within a hospital in the first place.