RSS feeds 03.01.2007

I’ve added RSS feeds now, and put back comments. Comments are still incredibly ugly and unstyled, but the functionality is there.

RSS feeds were incredibly easy to make.

I’m a full believer and advocate of full-text RSS feeds — i.e., the entire body should be present, not a truncated summary that requires opening a separate browser or window to fully read. If I’m reading an RSS feed, I like to live in my RSS feed reader.

In that vein, the feed here has the entire body text unmodified. It’s basically what you would see if you actually go to the site.

The feed is at In lieu of a better place to put it, I’ve added the link at the top right of the page. I’ll find a more appropriate place for it eventually.

I’ve also added a <link> to the feed, so browsers that are feed aware (Firefox, Safari, IE7, etc.) should see the RSS icon in the address bar.