Wii Online 03.05.2007

One of the truly awesome game experience of the last generation consoles was the Xbox Live abilities of the Xbox. Nothing on the Playstation 2 or the Gamecube could match the ease, the integration and the sense of communal gaming that Xbox Live offered.

This generation, Microsoft has continued to refine and improve the online experience. Sony isn’t far behind with the Playstation Network.

It’s kind of sad then, to see the Wii remain in a distant third in terms of online capability. Reggie from Nintendo recently stated in an interview:

He said online development kits have been seeded and titles are coming.

That’s definitely reassuring, but also somewhat at odds with Ben Herman’s statement to Sprong:

Nintendo is still not letting Wii third-party publishers include online capabilities in their games and it doesn’t look like they will during 2007. So the best chance they have at building an online presence appears to be what they’re doing with Virtual Console.

I’m not entirely certain who to believe right now — perhaps online dev kits are only being seeded to Nintendo-approved second party houses?

Nintendo really needs to get on the ball with the Wii’s online play. Wii Sports would have been amazing with online play — it’s definitely something that’s sorely lacking in an otherwise incredible console.