The PS3 can do anything! 03.19.2007

You just can’t make this stuff up. From a post at Ars Technica’s gaming forum:

The best thing about ps3 isn’t even its 8 great processors (which actually performs better than 8 standard pc cpus) simply because of its synergie architecture.

No the real power comes from Nvidia’s RSX which stands for Reality Synthesizer i mean how cool is that. its based on the G70 architecture which means its generation 70 and dont wet yourself now but its can deliver 1.8 TFLOPS. 10 of these and you can launch a missilie into space, this is the real reason why they have placed an embargo against North Korea, they dont wan them to fall into the clutches of Kim Jong-il.

Yeah. Nvidia’s RSX really gives the ‘X’ in Reality Synthesizer. In fact, I’m wetting my pants as I type this; my loins sprinkle with the involuntary fury of excitejuice.

That’s right! The excitejuice doth overfloweth.