Whatever your car can do, mine can do better. 03.19.2007

Here’s an interesting phenomenon.

Whenever a person gets a car — any car — and that person is a man and under the age of 50, he will believe his car is able to outrace, outdrive, and outcorner almost any other car on the market.

It’s hilarious.

Spend some time on the VW GTI forums, and you’ll see threads where proud owners boast about keeping up with an Audi RS4. “I had him by the balls!” the owner says. “The GTI turbo produces a lot of torque! If it wasn’t for the red light, I could’ve sped away!”

But at least the GTI is a performance vehicle. It’s meant to go fast. Not as fast as an RS4, but still fast.

What happens when you get the proud owner of a Prius?

From a Prius forum:

I know i races and NSX.. i kept up with it.. it looked a little shakey.. i passed it in the end. hehe

Right. If by NSX you mean a kid on a tricycle.

I was sitting at a stoplight next to a new Mustang V6 convertible and the guy was gunning his engine and inching forward for the duration of the red light. As soon as the light turned green, I floored the Prius, got up to the 45mph speed limit very quickly, and glanced in my rearview at the Mustang I left behind. Yeah, that was fun! For the amount of noise that his car made, you’d think it would have gone faster than it did…

The only thing that proves is that the V6 Mustang was a manual driven by a guy with no arms. And maybe one leg.

That is why the Prius has a 60 hp motor - to handle the engine generated and battery provided electricity simultaneously. The combination of engine and motor has about the same torque as V8 turning on-cam, available at 15 mph.

My engine runs on electricity! It has enough torque to move the moon! Rockets? Shuttles? Pffft. Just seal a Prius with ductape, set it vertical, and watch it go. It has so much torque it can clutch at the very air with its wheels.

Don’t believe me? Well, it’s not a normal engine. It’s an electric engine.

Actually, that’s possible. I think for the first bit (can’t remember the speed), it’s actually faster than an Enzo. Obviously, the Enzo beats it fairly quickly. I really wished I remembered the webpage in which I read that information but ya, it’s probably just 0-10mph or something small.

“Hey look Ma! I’m going faster tha— oh shit, the Enzo passed me.”