Locked out 03.29.2007

I accidentally locked myself out of my car this morning.

That’s not the worst thing. I had no less than two car keys on me. The normal one I use, and a backup one I keep in my wallet. Unfortunately, the normal one was in the trunk and the back up was in the wallet that lay resting on the passenger side seat.

The trunk, you ask?

Yes. For whatever reason, when I was putting some junk into the back, I also decided it would be a marvelous idea to leave my keys there too. So slam! goes the trunk, locking everything inside.

That wouldn’t even be so bad normally, because my car doors were unlocked.

Except my car has this convenience feature that will automatically lock the car doors after 15 seconds if all the doors are closed. The timing of my trunk escapades were such that the doors locked automatically at almost the same time I foolishly closed the lid.


AcuraCare is nice, though. I didn’t even need AAA. I called them up, and they sent over some lock people to open the doors. The lock people were called Knockout Lockouts, and they arrived in an orange VW Beetle.