The internet is full of intelligent people. 05.04.2007

From the Ars Technica GESC:

Some people on here have implied I am racist because I don’t like Japanese games. (A silly idea I think, really.) The reason I am so rabid about this particular issue is not because I don’t like Japanese people. It’s because Japanese people historically are themselves very ethnocentric. They make games BY and FOR japanese people and they all think the Japanese market is the only market that TRULY MATTERS They think TOKYO is the center of the universe (In the same way that alot of Americans view New York, but to a much larger extreme.)

As a result, they make games that appeal primarily to Japanese people and that often are not relevant to MY culture. This is not always true. Metal Gear was fairly accessable to a western audience… but definately not the norm.

Also, if you hadn’t noticed.. the Japanese seem to be “repeating themselves” alot lately. When was the last time a Japanese game company really “pushed the envelope” in the game design department? They keep making the same games just with slightly better graphics. Meanwhile western developers in the past 10 years have been innovating in ALL areas of game design.

Wow. Just wow.