Oh, baby. 05.29.2007

From this article:

Starbucks is planning to fire a single mother for becoming pregnant with her second child, Industrial Workers of the World revealed on Friday.

And indeed, at first it sounds heinous and evil and how dare they, she’s pregnant! But then —

The Barista job is the only means of support for Rosevear and her 19 month-old daughter.

So this single woman already has a 19 month-old baby, and is now pregnant again?

This isn’t the immaculate conception. She may be “single”, but there’s father somewhere. Why in the world would you get pregnant again with only a position as a Barista? That’s barely enough to cover support for one child, let alone two.

I don’t really see a problem with Starbucks letting her go if she’s been liberally using maternity leave. It’s tough work behind the counter, and something that requires a degree of regularity and punctuality.