Kids' WB 10.10.2007

Kids’ WB is going to end in 2008. This is sad. Kids’ WB had some great programming.

In memoriam, in no particular order, some of the greatest programming ever on TV, with some shows being carried over from FOX Kids:

  • Animaniacs

  • Batman the Animated Series

  • Batman Beyond

  • Jackie Chan Adventures (This used to be followed up by the A-Team on TV Land)

  • The New Batman Adventures

  • Pinky and the Brain (in the series separate from Animaniacs)

  • Superman the Animated Series

  • And the TV movie, Wakko’s Wish.

The block of time originally occupied by Kids’ WB is going to be sold to 4Kids.

What has 4Kids done?

The only vaguely entertaining original program I remmber from 4Kids is WMAC Masters. It was so campy and cheesy and awesome.