Design Refresh 09.22.2007

There’s been a minor design refresh applied to the site. And, as pretty obviously evidenced from the sidebar (or lack thereof), the headers, and a bunch of other details, it’s still in progress. I’m still deciding what will be going in the sidebar, and tweaking other things like blurb/post break and differentiation. The Writing section, also, needs work.

But the biggest thing that I wanted to do — a lighter, more treated, more flexible navigation — has been added. I also wasn’t sure I was fond of the colors in the old.

The back-end is undergoing a complete overhaul. Over time, as I’ve added trackbacks, blurbs, options to turn off markdown or smartypants formatting, and a variety of other things, the database table holding all the information for entries has steadily turned into a giant overwhelming mass of hacked together boolean fields.

I have a couple other ideas for the backend, but once I refactor the entires and blurbs model to be more flexible, everything else should fall into place.

In other news, without Transmit‘s “Edit in Textmate” feature, this would’ve taken much longer than it did.