Speck SkinPro 02.13.2008

For the first several months of iPhone ownership, I eschewed a case. I figured, hey, the screen was durable, why not?

Unfortunately, I’ve found that the iPhone is kind of slippery by itself. The metal and chrome makes it beautiful to see and incredible to touch whilst also making it hard to grasp. Many times, I’ve almost lost control and dropped it when taking it out of my pocket.

A week or so back, the inevitable happened. The stars aligned, the clouds gathered, the planets skipped a beat in their orbit, and my iPhone went flying out my hand, onto some marble flooring.

Luckily, nothing got damaged. There was nary a scratch. But mentally, there was a big gaping hole where the iPhone was concerned.

If almost drowning makes you fearful of the water, almost breaking the iPhone makes you fearful of, well, touching it more than three inches above a soft surface.

So I needed a case.

I looked around, and Speck caught my eye. It’s a rubber/silicone case, so it gathers lint. There’s no escaping that. But it’s acceptable because it makes the physical act of gripping the iPhone a pleasure. It plugged up my big gaping mental hole nicely.

Speck SkinPro dock opening

The SkinPro fits the iPhone superbly. There’s openings in all the right places so that I never have to take the iPhone out of the case to sync or charge. It has a big enough opening at the bottom for the speakers to go through clearly, and unblocked by any muffling material.

Speck SkinPro buttons

The top of the case exposes all the buttons. It even makes the volume buttons easier to press. Normally, the volume buttons sit flush enough to the iPhone that sometimes there isn’t enough of a tactile response. But because the Speck case layers an additional level of thickness and pliability above the volume buttons, the tactile response is increase nicely.

The same is true of the sleep/wake button on the top right of the iPhone. Normally, I’m never quite sure if I pressed it deep enough. The layering on the Speck case makes it much more obvious.

The lint is definitely an eyesore. Even from the pictures, you can see that the white and lighter colored pieces of lint clash and standout quite well from the iPhone and black case.

But that’s true of all rubber/silicone cases, so there’s not much to do there. If I want the comfortable and reassuring texture, the lint comes with the territory.

All in all, definitely a good case. My iPhone is now much more comfortable to hold.