It's been a while, no? 07.08.2008

A couple months ago, when I first finished moving from to, I was ambivalent about the main site.

I wasn’t entirely sure what kind of content I would write for it. Twitter1 satisfies short small blurbs that share quotes, links, or random bits of pretty minor stuff. Flickr amply satisfies photo needs. And livejournal lets me post the longer personal entries in a context where many of the people who should see it do see it.

So there it lay for months.

But then, I got to thinking: who cares? I sometimes get overwrought by, frankly, irrelevant things like where should a particular piece of content go. In this age of newsreaders and aggregators, where the content is coming from is getting increasingly less important. Where is now secondary to who.

With that in mind, I’ve brought the blog back.

  1. When it’s up, anyway.