Voice Mail Pains 09.04.2008

You know what I really hate?

Pointless voice mails.

It was much more annoying before I got the iPhone, but even with visual voice mail, it’s still ridiculously aggravating. Every couple days or so, I’ll get a voice mail from someone, and it’ll say:

Hey David, this is XXXX. Call me back when you get this.

What the hell, people? I know you called me. I have a call log. I see my missed calls. But invariably, thinking it’s some sort of emergency or there’s some dire need, I call back. And it always goes like this:

Me: Hey XXXX, you called?
Person: Yeah, do you want to go grab dinner later tonight? Ask Michelle too.
Me: … Okay, sure. I’ll also check with her and let you know.

Why in the world couldn’t that have been in the voice mail? A voice mail like:

Hey David, this is XXXX, Do you and Michelle want to grab dinner later tonight? Let me know.

Contains so much more clarity.

So I leave with this question: would I be a super asshole and complete douche if I set my voice mail prompt to the following?

Hi, you’ve reached David. I’m not here right now. But I have a missed call log, and know that you called. If want to tell me why you called, leave a message.