Bug fixing 03.01.2009

I call it the wait-until-it-breaks method of bug fixing.

Earlier last week, I accidentally upgraded the version of Django powering nodnod to the latest SVN revision. This is important and unfortunate. Why? Because due to laziness, nodnod.net was still coded to a revision of django trunk that dates from circa late 2006. Upgrading to the latest SVN has meant there’s two years worth of backwards incompatible changes to go through.

The laziness that’s spawned the problem has not gone away, so I’ve decided to fix bugs as I see them. Every time I get an exception emailed to me, I fix the issue. Thus far, after doing so for the past several days, most of the biggest things seem to be fixed1.

It was surprisingly easy — the list presented at the BackwardsIncompatibleChanges page is very clear, and tracking down the problems didn’t take any significant effort.

So don’t fret if something seems to break. Changes are an email is on its way to my inbox, and it’ll get fixed shortly.

  1. Chief among the offenders were pagination, old-style inner class Admin declarations in models, and a search and replace of newforms to just forms.