Welcome to my play by mail campaign. Anyone who is interested in joining please leave a message in the guest book or e-mail me at dzhou@mailexcite.com. The campaign is played under the Advanced Dungeons And Dragons 2nd edition rules.

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Rules of A Play-By-Mail Campaigns

In a play-by-mail campaign, actions are sent on e-mail. Every Week (or any amount of time), the Dm (the person in charge) sends out "official" updates. In it, it will describe where every player is and what their status is. Below is an Example of an official report:
DM official repot: Dirk (a player) is out in the tower of doom, Ged (a player) is with him. Pinstar (a player) is talking with the Archmahe Krell.
this is a simplified report. In a real one, there would be a character sheet for each character. It would also give a description of each place.
Besides for the "official" report, there are also "private" reports. In those a player send them to the DM and the DM responds only to that player. Below is an example:
Dirk sends: I will use my magic missle on the bugbear.
The DM sends back: You hit the bugbear for 4 points of damage.
Usually though, players send the DM a time where both of them could respond to each other without out any significent delay. An example message could be this:
Ged sends: DM (or the DM's name), how is 3:00 on wed. sound?
Sometimes multiple players may gather at the same "meeting"
Well, that's it for now. Any suggestion/comments send to dzhou@mailexcite.com.

The Story of Erna

Earth sends "seeder" ships on long voyages into space. The ships contain cyrogenically sleeping humans. They will wake when the ship finds a planet of sufficient quality and is habitable. When the small group of humans landed of Erna, they were shocked at the planet. The laws of physics the Earthlings had held dear seemed to completly vanish! Objects floated in mid-air...mythological monsters attacked humans and demons roamed the forests. Worst of all, the planet of Erna contained the dreaded force Fae...
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Rules of Erna

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